[nycbug-talk] mac os termcap question

Bob Ippolito bob
Mon Feb 14 13:07:24 EST 2005

On Feb 14, 2005, at 1:00 PM, Marc Spitzer wrote:

> On Mon, 14 Feb 2005 12:15:57 -0500, Bob Ippolito <bob at redivi.com> 
> wrote:
>> On Feb 14, 2005, at 11:23 AM, Marc Spitzer wrote:
>>> personally I hate color coding, why bother when you have 'ls -F'
>>> anyway and it is portable anywhere.
>> For the same reason most (sane) software developers use syntax
>> highlighting.  You either like it or you don't, but it provides a
>> "low-bandwidth" way to categorize tokens and can measurably enhance
>> productivity.
> I  do use  it for coding and have learned not to trust  it as much as
> I did, weird thing in emacs  where the code was right but the regex
> got confused.

The correctness of syntax highlighting is definitely inversely 
proportional to the complexity of the syntax it is highlighting :)  Let 
me guess, Perl?


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