Fwd: [nyphp-talk] Re: [nycbug-talk] mysql lisc. question

Marc Spitzer mspitzer
Sat Feb 5 15:33:23 EST 2005

On Sat, 5 Feb 2005 15:07:03 -0500, Pete Wright <pete at finn.nomadlogic.org> wrote:
> i see both you and bob's point here...i was thinking (perhaps incorrectly)
> that by using a BSD style lisc. they would not be forced to redistribute
> code they did not want to.  thus allowing them to build new features into
> thier product w/o having to release those changes back to the public: i.e.
> they could intergrate the cluster technology into the mysql codebase w/o
> having to worry about giving that IP away.  anyway i'm confused, and don't
> really want to beat this topic...maybe if i catch you guy's later
> in IRC i can make better sense out of the situation.

As the copy right owners there is absolutely nothing preventing them 
from not releasing anything they write for mysql, you only get hit wit
the viral clause in derived works not original works.  If they were
required to release  their code they could not sell a  commercial
licenced version as that would violate the gpl.  And they have given
there IP away, they do not do anything new after all, where they make
there money is in giving you the option of not being forced to give
your IP away, according to the terms of their free licence, by
upgrading to a commercial licence.  Or you could just move to postgres
and not deal with all this crap.  Hell even Computer Associates has a
better free licence then mysql and you get informix as the database.


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