[nycbug-talk] vmware3 and FreeBSD

Pete Wright pete
Wed Feb 9 17:43:13 EST 2005

On Wed, Feb 09, 2005 at 05:00:02PM -0500, swygue wrote:
> Has anyone installed and run Vmware succesfully, there seems to be a
> problem with 001.vmware.sh. Here is the output:
> $ ./001.vmware.sh start
> [: -eq: unexpected operator

looks like a bug in the shell script 001.vmware.sh...i would read through
that code and look for where the -eq operator is being misused.  maybe if
the script is not too long i would post the script here...or email a link
to where we can take a look at it.

> I checked various mailing, the problem is mention but no fix. One
> person suggest that line 26  is null and maybe this as something to do
> with it. Anyone with vmware3-,1 running and can verify
> this for me.
i have had it working on 4.x
> Snip // 
> l24:vmware=`vmware_config vmware.fullpath`
> 25:vmware_libdir=`vmware_config libdir`
> 26:networking=
> 27:dev_vmnet1=/dev/vmnet1
> 28:vmnet1_minor=0x00800001
> <-------

where is the from...the startup script?


Peter Wright
pete at nomadlogic.org

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