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joshmccormack at joshmccormack
Tue Feb 22 16:18:01 EST 2005

Doh, yes there was supposed to be a link:


George Georgalis <george at> wrote on 02/22/2005, 07:15:22 PM:
> On Tue, Feb 22, 2005 at 07:04:01PM +0100, joshmccormack at wrote:
> >
> >You can specify a print stylesheet, and you could have content only
> >visible for when it prints. 
> >
> >I think what you're asking is if you can control the printing of column
> >headers, so they print on every new page. Hmm... that's a tougher one.
> >I don't think there's an easy way. I think you're entering into the
> >hack/kindof works area.
> >
> >Here's some good info on Print CSS stuff.
> >
> >Josh
> Yeah. Figured it would be tough, but was hoping there was something
> standard to put table header on top of each page for printed
> media. (Sounds simple enough).
> Not going with sgml right now because I need to get the doc out asap and
> I'm not up to speed with sgml. (this might be tough there too)
> So for now I'm sticking with html and forsaking the per page table
> headers. But I have another problem.  After several sublists my tables
> are significantly indented ().
> I don't want to break out of the ordered lists, the table belongs
> nested, but is there a way to make the table the full width of the
> document?
> // George
> PS was a link for printed CSS info missing?
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