[nycbug-talk] Mail stress test

Isaac Levy ike
Fri Feb 25 16:32:45 EST 2005

On Feb 25, 2005, at 3:41 PM, Pete Wright wrote:

> so i guess i'm
> suggesting that by using libraries like this you should be able to
> script something up.

Pete and Bob are totally spot on here, but to my knowledge, (and after 
some googling on the issue for my own purposes) it's just not that easy 
to *really* pull off in a shell script- I just looked up forking in the 
bash shell for example, and controlling forking from shell scripts 
seems unusably confusing to me.

I'd personally choose Python, but I'd think there's common libs to do 
the tasks in any language-

The task still seems to be:

1) program to fork off a controllable number of concurrent child 
2) and have the child processes establish connections to the mail server

What languages are you comfortable hacking about with?  Is this worth 
doing as a nyc*bug quickie hackathon?  Everyone whip something up in a 
given language that does the above tasks?

Perhaps the app would be called from a shell like so:


TestTheServer servername.com 100 imap

Where, servername.com is the server your hitting, 100 is an integer 
representing how many child processes to simultaneously start, and 
'imap' is the protocol- (could build in a few very basic connection 

hrm...  would be fun to write...


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