[nycbug-talk] Imaging software for FreeBSD

pete wright pete
Sat Jan 8 13:29:59 EST 2005

swygue wrote:

>I want fast imaging program that works with FreeBSD like symantec
>ghost. Any suggestions ? Or can some one tell me how I can accomplish
>this task some other way. I would like to get one PC build just the
>way I want and copy it to the other PC.
well i've found "dd" to be a very good imaging program for unix.  having 
g4u take that long does not sound right tho, perhaps some hardware is 
acting flakey?  as a side note, you do not have to build every FreeBSD 
app from source, especially Window Managers and X servers.  Some would 
argue the benefits of building these programs from source is a waste of 
time when compared to all the headaches and time of building and 
maintiaing these large apps from the ports tree.  that is unless you 
really need to change some config., so for these types of situations i 
generally use:

pkg_add -r gnome

or what ever the correct package name is...


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