[nycbug-talk] soho router options (soekris?)

Bjorn Nelson o_sleep
Tue Jan 18 13:52:22 EST 2005

> But from what I read in your message, you may be better with a cheap
> NETGEAR router.  They have good features, solid construction, and a web
> interface your mama could configure.

I wouldn't recommend netgear:
Netgear received some bad press for hard setting all their routers to 
one public ntp server.  They also got into trouble for having a 
backdoor password.  When everyone made a stink about it, their solution 
was to just change the backdoor password.

I have used a couple linksys routers, but wouldn't recommend them 
either.  I am still waiting for a stable firmware version that does 
everything the retail box says the router will do.  Besides that I have 
noticed some generally network connectivity flakiness, which I can't 
pin down but can only guess is the linksys router.

The apple routers have been very stable.  Their graphite had a problem 
with an early capacitor lifetime.  Had to replace it, besides that 
works fine for three years.  It even supports snmpwalks (as opposed to 
simple snmptraps that the linksys is limited to).


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