[nycbug-talk] stack size in FreeBSD / Zope

Isaac Levy ike
Mon Jan 24 13:17:36 EST 2005

Hi All,

I need to learn a bit more basic stuff about stack sizes when compiling  
software on FreeBSD- I'm looking for any resources online, insomuch as  
any of my googling comes up with stack-smashing techniques, (ProPolice  
and the like), not what I'm looking for.  I've not found what I'm  
looking for in the FreeBSD handbook, and not sure where to dig next.

Thanks for any comments/urls, Rocket-

Why (if anyone is interested further in what I'm up to):
I'm fixin' to attempt to track down and permanently resolve a  
longstanding bug in Plone/CMF, (a software which is built on top of  
Zope).  My clients and community projects I'm around use this app hard.  
  In a nutshell:

1) Python builds and runs great on every system I've ever touched

2) Zope builds and runs fine stock on FreeBSD; Zope runs a restricted  
Python interperter for various reasons (context, web applications and  
web server- security and performance).

3) Somewhere in the restricted interperter, something is wrong where  
Zope needs more than the 64K stack on FreeBSD, so Plone especailly, (an  
app of mosterous scale in it's own right), crashes Zope.  The FreeBSD  
port of Zope builds a python which fixes this issue, but I'm just not  
comfortable with that any more.

Some very old dead-end, but spot-on, mail on the topic, which has  
become the 'fix' for Plone on FreeBSD (duct-tape, if you ask me, but  
it's worked for years):

Also, a Plone.org collector issue:

4) Much of the Zope commmunity is Linux based, so this FreeBSD bug gets  
no attention- (a few years this bug has stood!), as it's not an issue  
on Linux - so I'm interested in anything folks can say about stack  
sizes in Linux?

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