[nycbug-talk] Getting started in Consulting

Matt Juszczak matt
Fri Jul 1 13:34:15 EDT 2005

> Hey Matt-
> Looks like a cool project.  You might consider adding a link to or somehow 
> tying into NYC*BUG's *BSD Resource Tracker.  We have gradually been filling 
> our database with people who provide technical support/consulting/software 
> for BSD operating systems.
> http://nycbug.org/index.php?NAV=BSDTracker

Sure, that would be awesome.  I'd love to do that.  I need to get the site 
done first.  Its DEFINITELY going to happen this Summer, hopefully by the 
end of July.

I've been wanting to setup some kind of versioning system, so a team of 
developers could add new features, make modifications, etc. etc.  That way 
new modules could be built to integrate with certain things, and the site 
could be really successful.


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