[nycbug-talk] [OT] FreeBSD 5.4 crashing?

Matt Juszczak matt
Fri Jul 1 13:43:31 EDT 2005

> Matt,
> First of all.
> I have just read the thread you started on the openbsd mailing list
> misc at . Damn it! I am scared.... there a couple of nasty emails in
> there. I consider this reply from Theo especially unnecessary:

Agreed!  I was just trying to find out some info :)  After Theo's response 
and that other guy who completely put me down and thought I was a "fake", 
I had a lot of off-list responses for people who gave me great 
suggestions and told me to ignore the other negative responses.

I think some people just don't know how some companies run.  Some are 
actually like I described.  Fast-paced, and not necessarilly by the book.

> And that leads me to what I really wanted to tell you. Perhaps it is
> not going to help you but.... Have you considered NetBSD? I warranty,
> at least, that you won't get such a nasty emails from the mailing
> list.

I'd like to consider that as well.  Just as fast and stable?

> The idea of using FreeBSD4.11 is very interesting also. I see your
> concerns about the eventual dead of 4.X. I would consider
> dragonfly, which it is mainly based on 4.X FreeBSD.

I've been sending emails back and forth between Matt Dillon.  Based on his 
responses I don't think I'd be very interested in setting up DragonFly 
right now until its a bit more developed.


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