[nycbug-talk] Tech publications to write for..

Dru dlavigne6
Mon Jul 4 21:41:41 EDT 2005

On Mon, 4 Jul 2005, Francisco Reyes wrote:

> Other than Oreilly anyone knows of any other publisher that uses freelance 
> writers for tech articles?.. specially if anyone has direct experience with a 
> particular publisher.

Yup :-)

1. SysAdmin


You send Rikki an outline which she forwards to the editor for a yeah/nay. 
Ideas don't necessarily have to follow the editorial calendar. If the idea 
is accepted, you're given a deadline for the article. If it's accepted, 
it's worth around $300 USD, usually paid after the magazine publishes. 
Long process, decent exposure in a fairly respected mag.

2. Hakin9


European security mag in 6 languages (they do the translations). You 
suggest the article. Pay isn't much and seems forever to arrive. Pretty 
decent exposure though in a very popular mag. Send article outline to 
Roman Polesek (romanp at hakin9.org).

3. Linux User & Developer


UK Magazine which has a BSD section and has been bugging me to provide 
more BSD content (which I haven't time for at the moment). Haven't written 
for them yet so can't comment on lead time or payment. Try dropping Daniel 
James a line (danieljames at linuxuser.co.uk) and tell him I suggested he 
might be interested in some (BSD) technical content.


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