[nycbug-talk] Internet 768kb and up on a budget

George Georgalis george
Tue Jul 5 11:44:53 EDT 2005

On Tue, Jul 05, 2005 at 10:52:58AM -0400, jh wrote:
>alex at pilosoft.com wrote:
>>On Tue, 5 Jul 2005, jh wrote:
>>>Just imagine if some innovative DSL vendor came up with a "bonded"
>>>product (think Etherchannel for DSL) that allowed the end user to
>>>transparently do what the OP is looking to do. Perhaps they'd sell a
>>>preconfigured Soekris PC that was the "duct tape", so that even those
>>>that were only moderately technically enabled could take advantage of
>>No market for that. And a simple cisco 17xx will do the trick (two default
>>routes, per-packet-load-balancing).
>I have no interest in configuring a cisco 17xx, but perhaps if one came 
>preconfigured as part of such service. And provided that the net effect 
>of doing this was to give me a pipe upstream faster than 768k for a 
>single file transfer (which is the issue that I'm dealing with - clients 
>needing large amounts of data from me as quickly as possible, but 
>typically just one client at a time).

I was suprised at Alex's point that two dsl lines would work. It's
just a few command lines (once you know them) in Linux to load balance
multiple gateways, and many linksys routers have an option for redundant
gateways / loadbalancing for your lan.

But I don't think either of these will increase max bandwidth of a given
connection, ie, it may provide two 768K uplinks at the same time but not
one 1536. Maybe there is some transfer protocol that can take advantage
of two gateways, (rsync and cvsup come to mind) but I'm not sure if they
would do it.

An isp provided soekris for interface bridging does indeed sound like a
good thing.

// George

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