[nycbug-talk] Email providers

Francisco Reyes lists
Wed Jul 6 10:26:37 EDT 2005

On Wed, 6 Jul 2005, Gordon Smith wrote:

> You might want to use a web hosting plan with email support, then put up an
> index page and a 404 page and just use the email services.

That's one of the options.
There is one company I have always liked, http://addy.com, but they don't 
support IMAP. I am still waiting to hear from my client to see if they 
need IMAP.

> Check out aplus.net as a web host.

Thanks. Will take a look.

> A suggestion for selection criteria, no matter who the host is: see if they
> have dedicated personnel who monitor spam blacklists to make certain that
> your domain/ip address stays off the lists in the event that their server is
> used as an open relay

Thanks for that advice.. An excellent point.

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