[nycbug-talk] Email providers

Charles Sprickman spork
Wed Jul 6 14:04:07 EDT 2005

On Wed, 6 Jul 2005, Francisco Reyes wrote:

> Need to find a RELIABLE emaip provider ASAP.
> Any recommendations.

Bway can do that, not sure if they can meet that price; we don't generally 
try to compete with the mass-market hosters.  heyjoe at bway.net can provide 
the best price.  The price gets better if you buy more stuff from us - we 
like working with consultants that bring in more business.

Mail services are run on FreeBSD using qmail and vpopmail and a small 
"cluster" of spamd/clamav boxes.  We offer ssl-enabled pop3, imap and smtp 
with all mail accounts.



> Wasn't there an email company owned by one of our list members?
> Need to host about 50 email accounts.. at no more than $50. :-(
> The users do POP so there won't be much load/storage..
> Only need about 3 users with 20MB quotas all others can be even 5MB..
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