[nycbug-talk] Email providers

Kevin Reiter tux
Thu Jul 7 10:16:33 EDT 2005

N.J. Thomas wrote:
> * Nikolai N. Fetissov <nikolai.fetissov at peachisland.com>:
>>Brad Schonhorst wrote:
>>>>Need to find a RELIABLE emaip provider ASAP. Any recommendations.
>>>You might look into GeekISP, I just moved our staff email accounts
>>>there in June.  Its a small outfit but very affordable.  Using
>>>OpenBSD, SquirrelMail, SpamAssassin, and QmailAdmin to manage your
>>+10 for GeekISP.
>>Using them for about a year, no complaints, excellent service and
>>prompt support.
> Let me chime in as well. I've been with GeekISP for about 6 months now
> -- excellent service, no problems with them whatsoever. Very Unix
> centric (a plus in my book), great support, they know what they are
> doing.

After about a year with GeekISP, I have no complaints whatsoever.  I'm not 
going to post another long-winded story about why I'm happy with them, 
since I've already done that (available in the archives).

GeekISP r0x.

'Nuff said.

(Sorry I haven't had a chance to try out the services of our other 
members, but maybe sometime soon I'll be making a few calls..)


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