[nycbug-talk] ports question

Dru dlavigne6
Thu Jul 7 19:18:22 EDT 2005

On Thu, 7 Jul 2005, Kevin Reiter wrote:

> Hey all,
> Here's a stupid question - is there a way to download the files for a port 
> you want to install without actually installing it at that time?
> Here's my situation:  I'm leaving on vacation tomorrow for a week, and won't 
> have net access, but I'd like to install a few apps offline via ports, and 
> I'd like to avoid looking for the files, checking the MD5, blah blah blah 
> before I leave, since that would take entirely too long.  Is there an 
> automagic way to accomplish this?  (Kinda like Debian's apt-get thing for you 
> Linux gurus.)



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