[nycbug-talk] VPN vs IPsec

michael lists
Fri Jul 15 13:25:54 EDT 2005

After the last NYCBUG talk "Angelos Keromytis: OpenBSD IPsec stack" I have been reading up on securing a wifi connection.  Two alternatives to WEP are OpenVPN and IPsec.

According to a SANS white paper (http://www.sans.org/rr/whitepapers/vpns/1459.php) "IPsec VPNs are either too expensive or too difficult to use securely."  The paper goes on to support OpenVPN.

Angelos gave an informative talk and even put up graphs that showed IPsec pushes more/faster.

I know there are a lot of variables to examine, but...
1. Does anyone bother to secure wifi beyond WEP?
2. Are OpenVPN and IPsec good alternatives?
3. Of those which makes more sense for a wifi installation?



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