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Sun Jul 17 21:35:00 EDT 2005

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On Sun, Jul 17, 2005 at 08:04:24PM -0400, Dru wrote:
> On Sun, 17 Jul 2005, Charles Sprickman wrote:
> >On Sun, 17 Jul 2005, Dru wrote:
> >>http://www.oreillynet.com/pub/wlg/7390
> >Hmmmm...  this is interesting:
> >----
> >I like Colin Percival's quote on whether or not to use this beta:
> >"If I was deploying a new server today, I'd install FreeBSD 5.4. If I were 
> >planning on installing a new server next month, I'd install FreeBSD 
> >6.0-BETA-whatever-number-we're-up-to-by-then."
> >----

[below is from Dru, I think I messed up the quoting here]
> The feeling I got from talking to Scott Long and Robert Watson is that going 
> from 5.x to 6.x should be painless and that 6.x is basically 5.x but faster and 
> better and with all that lock stuff fixed. Colin is only saying wait as we're 
> still in beta, not even really to RC yet. Not to mention all the debugging that 
> is on...

One thing that is affected are Asian language users (and probably some
other languages as well).  This has to do with a change in how LC_CTYPE
is handled, as well as some libc.5.so and libc.6.so stuff as well as the
upgrades to perl, which affect everyone of course.  

There is a port now, /usr/ports/misc/localedata which helps to fix the
issue, but, what happens is that as you upgrade a port under 6.0,
localedata doesn't work for that one, so you have to almost take it
application by application, setting a PATH_LOCALE for one and not for

For those who only use English, this shouldn't affect them at all--not
sure about other non-roman character alphabets like Cyrillic.

> Something I didn't mention in the blog but that I've noticed since running my 
> daily cvsup is that src is changing daily. Controllable on a workstation but 
> could be a real PITA on a server.

Someone recently mentioned to me that Matt plans for Dragonfly to wind
up being primarily binary for the end user (this was heard 4th or 5th
hand however). 

Sometimes, when there's been a major update that has to
be done on several servers, (or yesterday and today, when I 
was doing a clean install on a home workstation) I wish it was all

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