[nycbug-talk] crontab woes

Michael Shalayeff mickey
Tue Jul 19 16:58:05 EDT 2005

Making, drinking tea and reading an opus magnum from Kevin Reiter:
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> max wrote:
> > You can try removing references to specific files for writing in the script and instead make it simply echo and then add  "> /filename 2>&1" at the end of the crontab line
> > 
> (snipped original post)
> I added the "2>&1" at the end of the crontab line, set the run time in 
> the crontab entry for 2 minutes later, waited, and it still didn't run. 
>   I ran the script manually (doing ./myscript.sh) and it worked 
> perfectly.  For some reason cron isn't running the script at all, but it 
> runs the system crons just fine.
> I even tried creating a simple script to echo the date to a file and set 
> cron to run it every 5 minutes, waited an hour, and nothing (last 
> night).  Again, running it manually works fine.
> Always in the past I've just installed a cron to run a script, and it 
> works.  I haven't done anything differently for this, and nothing's been 
> installed or changed on the box (ncftp3 was installed at buildtime) 
> since it was built.  This is the first cron job I've created, so maybe 
> cron was borked from the start?  But that wouldn't explain why it does 
> all the system cron jobs (weekly, monthly, etc.) with no problem.
> Now, if I only had a bit more hair to pull out...

there are very simple things to try:

also it's important to remember that cron might be reloading
crontab every five minutes so setting 2min later would not work.


    paranoic mickey       (my employers have changed but, the name has remained)

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