[nycbug-talk] crontab woes

Dan Langille dan
Wed Jul 20 10:43:05 EDT 2005

On 20 Jul 2005 at 0:19, Jesse Callaway wrote:

> > Always in the past I've just installed a cron to run a script, and it
> > works.  I haven't done anything differently for this, and nothing's been
> > installed or changed on the box (ncftp3 was installed at buildtime)
> > since it was built.  This is the first cron job I've created, so maybe
> > cron was borked from the start?  But that wouldn't explain why it does
> > all the system cron jobs (weekly, monthly, etc.) with no problem.

Is this the last cronjob entry in the file?  If so, I repeat: did you 
press ENTER at the end of the line?  The lack of a newline will 
prevent the job from running.

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