[nycbug-talk] BSDCon

pete wright nomadlogic
Thu Jul 21 14:38:33 EDT 2005

Hey all,
So I've been a bit distracted and think I missed the thread on BSDCon. Ike 
reminded me yesterday that it's coming up in Sept. So...I think I'm gonna 
take some time off and come out to nyc for it. so what's the deal...one day 
on sat (the 17th i belive). also have we decided on a location. i'd probably 
be coming out on friday so i'd most likely be able to help set things up and 
take down on sat. for the con if helps needed. anywho talk to you all lata'

Pete Wright
www.nycbug.org <http://www.nycbug.org>
NYC's *BSD User Group
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