[nycbug-talk] Dual boot IBM thinkpad T40?

Freeman, Joshua j
Fri Jul 22 16:30:52 EDT 2005

Thanks George,

Wow.. cool.. Let me ask this further question:

My plan, right now, is to format the drive and start from scratch with our own XP Pro disks.. so, do you recommend that first I do a straight XP install first and then use pqdi etc... ?


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Joshua S. Freeman wrote:
> I recently acquired a spanking brand new T40.  It has XP Pro preinstalled.
> I'm seriously considering setting it up either as a dual boot XP Pro/FreeBSD
> laptop or simply FreeBSD...
> I've never attempted either one of these tasks before.  Any advice,
> recommendations, etc. from this crowd?

go for it. . .

have xp/fbsd 5.4 on my t43.

use pqdi or something to shrink the xp partition, then install fbsd with 
  boot manager. . .

and boom.

you might want to remove ibm restore partition.

Don't worry about the f1 ???. .  that means winxp.

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