[nycbug-talk] OpenBSD, numbering disks...

Bob Leigh bobleigh
Fri Jul 22 18:49:44 EDT 2005

George Georgalis <george at galis.org> wrote:
> On Tue, Jul 19, 2005 at 09:16:48AM -0400, bruno wrote:
> >You can probably do this with a kernel config file.
> I've been looking but can't find anything like this, only go there if
> you know exactly what you are doing, type statements.

Been there, done that, with plain old SCSI disk drives, back when the
latest version of OpenBSD was 2.9 rather than 3.7.

Take a look in your kernel config file, and find the line:

	config         bsd     swap generic

You want to change that to something like:

	config          bsd     root on sd0a swap on sd0b dumps on sd0b

and then rebuild your kernel.  You might even want to build one for sd0
and one for sd1, so if a new SATA disk appears as sd0, you can still boot
from the normal drive.

Bob Leigh	bobleigh at twomeeps.com

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