[nycbug-talk] Dual boot IBM thinkpad T40?

Joshua S. Freeman jfreeman
Tue Jul 26 15:47:54 EDT 2005

Hi all,

OK.. So, I'm getting down to business... Here's what I know:

I have the latest copy of Partition Magic.

This T43 has a 40GB drive and 768 MB of RAM... Fwiw, it also has a 1.6GHz

George R.... I received the link you sent me and will start checking it out

Okan.. I'm not sure I fully understand your guidance here and whether/how it
applies to me or not.

Can you further elucidate?



On 7/22/05 6:28 PM, "Okan Demirmen" <okan at demirmen.com> wrote:

> On Fri 2005.07.22 at 16:17 -0400, Joshua S. Freeman wrote:
>> I recently acquired a spanking brand new T40.  It has XP Pro preinstalled.
>> I'm seriously considering setting it up either as a dual boot XP Pro/FreeBSD
>> laptop or simply FreeBSD...
>> I've never attempted either one of these tasks before.  Any advice,
>> recommendations, etc. from this crowd?
> whatever you do, if you want hibernation, save space at the *beginning*
> of your disk, ram+video ram+a few more bytes. this is mine on OpenBSD:
>         Starting       Ending       LBA Info:
> #: id    C   H  S -    C   H  S [       start:      size   ]
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>  0: 16    0   1  1 -  270 216 55 [          63:     4096000 ] OS/2 hidden
> (yes a little big, but i have *a lot* of ram)
> use tphdisk after creating/formating the slice to create the hibernate
> file...i'm sure there are instructions out there somewhere..
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