[nycbug-talk] Social networking sites

Josh McCormack joshmccormack
Thu Jun 2 08:48:22 EDT 2005

I'd call sites like these (linkedin, ryze, ecademy, etc) business 
networking sites rather than social networking (friendster, etc).

I use LinkedIn quite a bit. It's allowed me to pitch some ideas to 
companies I had no contact with, and has helped me move along some 
business ideas I've had.


Francisco Reyes wrote:
> Recently I found a social networking site called LinkedIn.com
> I was wondering what type of experience others in the NY-Tri state area 
> have had with this or any other social networking sites.
> Any good to find jobs?
> So far the only good thing I have found is a long list of head hunters. :-)
> However given that I want to remain an independant contractor, not sure 
> how much that helps.. Some of the head hunters do seem to find contracts 
> so at least those have some potential benefit.

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