[nycbug-talk] FreeBSD 5.4 weirdness

George george
Thu Jun 2 17:43:08 EDT 2005

Trish Lynch wrote:
> On Wed, 1 Jun 2005, Marco Scoffier wrote:
>>> you have an open but unlink(2)ed file somewhere.
>>> use fstat(1) or that other thing ... lsof!
>> Yep found it.  I had opened a huge log in vi in another xterm and
>> and forgot about the vi session then removed the huge log file.
>> Thanks Mickey,
> A little history: Mickey and I were part of the first beer-drinkin' food 
> eatin' F/BUNY (it was FUNY, changed to BUNY after we branched out from 
> FreeBSD to all BSD)....
> I still have the original web pages of the original BSD User group in 
> NYC. I met Mickey in '99 I think...

maybe we could get the old FUNY/BUNY site up from on NYCBUG at some 
point. . . for historical continuity reasons.

> wow, ancient history now...
> It wasn;t the same as this user group, it was primarily social, and did 
> things like take DES, and Luigi Rizzo to dinner when they were here from 
> out of town, and then we manned the BSD advocacy booths at all the NYC 
> LWCE events for a little while. (and The Bazaar)

Nice. . . we're not really social since most of us don't talk to each 
other. <g> yeah, right. . .

> its hard to believe I've been involved with the BSD community almost 10 
> years now...

and hopefully, when your schedule permits TL, we can have you do a 
meeting for us. . .


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