[nycbug-talk] www.nycbug.org

George george
Thu Jun 2 21:46:13 EDT 2005

Francisco wrote:
> On Thu, 2 Jun 2005, George wrote:
>> Oooops.  Forgot to mention last night that www.nycbug.org hit an 
>> all-time high of about 138,000 hits for May 2005.
>> Pretty significant. . .
> Indeed.. but how can we make it even more popular?
> In terms of valuable resources that people can come back for I see:
> * BSD tracker
> * Dmesgd

Yup. . . that's true. . . but we'd like to go beyond.

Both mentioned sections are popular.

the DMESGD for people checking compatibility, BSD Tracker as the 
beginning of an accumulation of resources on firms using or supporting BSDs.

> The articles sections and other sections I am not sure of their value 
> since they need more content.
> Also it would be nice to be able to add comments to an article. :-)

Good point, but as you mentioned above, we need more content. . .

So Francisco, are you volunteering to manage submissions? ;-)


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