[nycbug-talk] Re: [nylug-talk] open source HVAC control software

George george
Thu Jun 2 23:58:43 EDT 2005

>>I'm gonna start googling and checking out freshmeat now.. but I was
>>wondering if anyone on either of these lists knew ANYTHING about this
>>stuff and would be willing to think through what it might take to create
>>an open source version of this....
> I doubt there is anything like that, and since this is really vertical 
> market-specific, whether anyone will be interesting in doing anything like 
> that for *you* for free.
> Open Source solutions for vertical markets are rare.

Oh, that vertical market thing again. . . land of proprietary software <g>.

I have been around HVAC land a bit, and have never heard of anything 
you're looking for Josh.

Actually, do some heavy googling because FBSD's PHK is apparently doing 
many things in that arena with Soekris boxes. . .

But you'd have to agree with Alex that it seems frivilous to go this 
route.  It might make sense to figure out getting data over RS485 to a 
box, then what would allow you to tail the data over that route. . .


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