[nycbug-talk] Re: [nylug-talk] open source HVAC control software

George george
Fri Jun 3 00:12:33 EDT 2005

alex at pilosoft.com wrote:
> On Thu, 2 Jun 2005, George wrote:
>>Actually, do some heavy googling because FBSD's PHK is apparently doing
>>many things in that arena with Soekris boxes. . .
>>But you'd have to agree with Alex that it seems frivilous to go this
>>route.  It might make sense to figure out getting data over RS485 to a
>>box, then what would allow you to tail the data over that route. . .
> Bottom line is, when your open source-picked thing fails and sets the
> building on fire by setting your HVAC to heat instead of cool, what will
> you tell the board members?
> RS-485 interface is fairly low-level and you can control specific parts of 
> the unit via that.
> This isn't linux on desktop, kids. This is real stuff. Code fails, things 
> catch fire.

No, we're not talking about a linux desktop, nor a pace-maker. . . 
AFAIK, we're talking about logging info *from* a number of HVACs that 
probably aren't very closely monitored right now. . . Just like most 
people find that their UPS batteries are dead in a power outage, most 
people only realize HVAC problems when they note the loud repetitive beep.

So yelling fire in an empty theater just won't do. . . ;-)

Unless I'm wrong and that JF is looking to actually do more than watch 
the logs. . .

PS: Alex, http://openntpd.org/. . . it's driving me nuts since most of 
us, i'm sure, have our mail sorted by date. . .


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