[nycbug-talk] development/IP/opensource/freesource articles

Isaac Levy ike
Fri Jun 3 01:21:14 EDT 2005

Hey there,

On Jun 2, 2005, at 12:34 PM, george at rob.us.to wrote:

> Two open/free source related articles below: ying and yang, FSF and
> Open Source, Free Software/Society and Access to Knowledge
> -george
> *********************************************************************** 
> **
>                   FREE SOFTWARE, FREE SOCIETY
> *********************************************************************** 
> **


I'm not meaning to sound rude, but why were these articles posted to  
list?  I mean, Open Source stuff is definitely relevant, but it's a bit  
much to get some big texts without getting even brief context as to why  
they're relevant on this list, so I know why I'd want to read it-  
(besides it's sitting staring at me from my inbox, like 100 pieces of  
other unread mail...)

I'm not meaning to discourage interesting article re-posts here, but  
I'm just groping for context- and I'd think most folks on list have a  
lot of info to deal with daily...


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