[nycbug-talk] Getting started in Consulting

Kevin Reiter tux
Fri Jun 3 20:40:14 EDT 2005

Francisco Reyes wrote:
> I highly recommend a one page "engagement contract" saying that you will 
> do computer work and that they will pay you X per hour. Specially if 
> someone is asking for a big project and you have never worked with them.

If anyone wants a copy, I can send my "Service Authorization" form that 
I have each and every client sign before I so much as look at a 
keyboard.  It's only 1 page, which isn't handy for large-scale projects, 
but it's great for the small jobs.  I've had it looked at by no less 
than 5 attorneys in 4 different states, but feel free to make any 
changes to it that you need to (company, etc.)

Having them sign this has saved my bacon on a few occasions, and in each 
case, after showing the client what he signed, they apologize and all's 
well again.  I highly recommend to ANYONE who's doing work for 
themselves to have this in their toolkit...

E-mail me off-list if you'd like a copy.

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