[nycbug-talk] Getting started in Consulting

Isaac Levy ike
Fri Jun 3 20:47:59 EDT 2005

Hey All,

On Jun 3, 2005, at 8:33 PM, Francisco Reyes wrote:

> On Fri, 3 Jun 2005, Isaac Levy wrote:
>> In the earliest days I can't say I didn't get royally screwed around 
>> here and there, but those were all good learning experiences- expect 
>> them to happen
> I highly recommend a one page "engagement contract" saying that you 
> will do computer work and that they will pay you X per hour. Specially 
> if someone is asking for a big project and you have never worked with 
> them.
> Next week I plan to go to small claims court and I wish I had done an 
> engagement contract with that client :-(

Regarding contracts, they are VERY important.  They don't necessarily 
stop the really bad people from abusing you, that takes work however 
you slice it- (but they do mitigate risks with nasty people).

I really see contracts as valuable to get 2 honest parties heads 
wrapped around their expectations of the project BEFORE the project 

As an aside, I have a really great contract lawyer who's done some 
solid work for me.  She's not cheap, but she's directly saved me more 
money in than I've spent on a few occasions- and she's pleasant to work 
with.  Email me offlist if you want her contact info.


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