[nycbug-talk] 6.0 coming up fast

Scott Robbins scottro
Sun Jun 5 18:09:25 EDT 2005

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On Sun, Jun 05, 2005 at 05:23:28PM -0400, Charles Sprickman wrote:
> And I thought I was getting ahead of the curve with giving 5.4 a shot...
> Has anyone here been following this closely enough to take a jab at what a 
> 5.x to 6.x upgrade might entail?  Will it be as bad as the 4.x to 5.x 
> jump?

How does that fortune go?  Theoretically means not really?

Theoretically, nowhere near as bad.  Nor anywhere near as bad as 5.2 to
5.3 or 5.3BETA6 to BETA7.   :)

If you use pf, you will have to add device pf to your kernel.  (UPDATING
covers this--it was a little over my head, but it came down to when I
rebooted, it said no such device.  I recompiled, adding device pf and it

The only other issue I've run into is with locales.  I have occasional
need of Japanese and therefore have a script that sets aterm or rxvt to
LC_CTYPE of ja_JP.eucJP.  I would get a message that setting locale

It has to do with some upgrading of libraries from libc.so.5 to

Riskest way to fix it is to add libc.so.5 	libc.so.6 to the top of
your /etc/libmap.conf.  I did that for a few days and it didn't seem to
break anything. 

However, the suggested workaround is to copy over your old
/usr/share/locale somewhere (as I only use it as user scottro, I put it
in $HOME) and added a line to my .zshrc 


This fixed the problem for me. 

Aside from that, I haven't run into any issues on the one workstation
with about 300 programs installed (though I haven't checked every single
program, no issues with Apache, openoffice, gimp, etc.

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