[nycbug-talk] g4u on proliant 360 g4 scsi raid 1

Jesse Callaway jesse
Tue Jun 7 17:52:59 EDT 2005

On Tuesday 07 June 2005 01:09 pm, Steve Rieger says:
> hi all
> need a favor
> i have 14 proliant 360's that i want to clone, but g4u that i am
> pulling off the site does not pick up the raid array (raid 1) and since
> i do not have netbsd running am wondering if any of you compiled g4u
> with all the bells and whistles instead of the stripped down version
> that i have.
> here is my hw stuff (dmesg)
> thanx

aw heck, just dd the disks. Boot off of a CD or what have you and go to town. 
It takes a while, but I don't see how the raid is going to get cloned 
otherwise w/o a major investigation. This should work unless the clones are 
far away from each other.

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