[nycbug-talk] Getting started in Consulting

swygue swygue
Wed Jun 8 13:31:17 EDT 2005

Thanks everyone for responding. I have been jobless since November and I 
often said I was going to post this question to the list, but I was 
reluctant because I fear i would got get the response I desired. Now I 
regret not asking sooner.

Base on the responses I have gathered I have come up with a few more 

1.) Some of you mentioned that you just offer your services as a freelancer. 

Did you run an add in the paper or did you contact any head-hunters.

2.) Networking meetings and small business talks.
Where do you find out about these meetings ?

3.) Once you have a chance to meet someone face to face, what do you say to 
them ? How do you sell yourself ?

4.) Paying yourself
How do you determine how much to charge ? Do you require a minum amount of 
hours even if you know you can get the job done in one hour?

5.) Health Insurance
What is availble to a Freelance computer guy ?

6.) Taxes
What resources have you find to help when tax time come? How did you keep 
track of expenses ? what tax tips you have to offer ?

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