[nycbug-talk] datacenter live cam

George george
Tue Jun 14 11:21:38 EDT 2005

George Georgalis wrote:
> We are installing a security system, motion detectors, and wanted to
> install cameras in the same locations at the same time.
> So two questions, what is the best camera, and appropriate cabling?
> We don't want cheap cameras, but there is no need for $200 units.
> Already decided not to use wireless, was thinking to get a poe cameras
> and switch and pull cat-5 at the same time as the security cabling.
> No clue of vendors or models. Anybody setup something like this?

Start with Canal Alarm. . . it's Canal and 6th Ave.

They are probably a bit expensive and sophisticated for your needs, but 
it's a good beginning.

Reuben knows his stuff.  You'll recognize him. . . if you know what 
Serpico looks like. . .


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