[nycbug-talk] Forbes Magazine on Linux and the BSDs. . .

Jan Schaumann jschauma
Fri Jun 17 09:56:41 EDT 2005

George <george at sddi.net> wrote:
> I personally think Theo's on the mark, and it's great publicity for BSDLand.

I'm not so sure if this is really such great publicity.  In my
experience, people who do not already know (in some detail) about BSD
are easily turned off by overly aggressive and deragotive remarks
regarding other OS.

It would be easy for anybody to get the impression that _all_ BSD
developers and -users are equally aggressive and insulting, and I for
one would rather not be thrown into that melting pot.

In general, I prefer *BSD to present itself in a friendly, open and
mature matter that emphasizes it's strength, but doesn't insult or
ridicule similar or competing products.


Ancient Principle of WYGIWYGAINGW:
What You Get Is What You're Given, And It's No Good Whining.
--Terry Pratchett et al. (The Science of Discworld)
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