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Dan Langille dan
Fri Jun 17 10:55:08 EDT 2005

On 17 Jun 2005 at 10:11, Michael Shalayeff wrote:

> Making, drinking tea and reading an opus magnum from Jan Schaumann:
> -- Start of PGP signed section.
> > George <george at sddi.net> wrote:
> >  
> > > I personally think Theo's on the mark, and it's great publicity for BSDLand.
> > 
> > I'm not so sure if this is really such great publicity.  In my
> > experience, people who do not already know (in some detail) about BSD
> > are easily turned off by overly aggressive and deragotive remarks
> > regarding other OS.
> yeah right.
> let's just close the eyes and pretend that shit is honey.
> kamon. linux IS rediculous.

It's not what you say, it is how you say it.  In my advocacy, I tend 
to point out the benefits of what I advocate, instead of [what I see 
to be] the deficiences of the 'competition'.

> > It would be easy for anybody to get the impression that _all_ BSD
> > developers and -users are equally aggressive and insulting, and I for
> > one would rather not be thrown into that melting pot.
> > 
> > In general, I prefer *BSD to present itself in a friendly, open and
> > mature matter that emphasizes it's strength, but doesn't insult or
> > ridicule similar or competing products.
> yes. and how many things in the world has happened
> because people were nice? perhaps only tripper...

Lots of things have happened to me.  Most of them good.
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