[nycbug-talk] Brooklyn Internet Backwater, Need Advice.

George Georgalis george
Mon Jun 20 21:41:10 EDT 2005

On Mon, Jun 20, 2005 at 09:19:40PM -0400, jh wrote:
>First, Cablevision is the spawn of the devil. Avoid them if you can no
>matter what you have to do.

Location is a *big* factor. Cablevision worked great for me for over 2
years, until I moved and they blocked port 25 at the new location -- I
switched to pilosoft.

>Is you issue a distance or no-available-copper issue? It was suggested
>to me that Verizon, by law, has to pull copper for things like burglar
>alarm and medical emergency alarm systems. It was further suggested that
>I insist on copper for this reason. Didn't get me anywhere, but I wasn't
>all that insistent.

yeah, that's what I heard in California, the PUC (national) requires
telco to provide a "dry pair" (one, more?) and patch at the co for free
or nominal cost; so in theory, you and your buddy (or alarm or medical
company) in the same local calling area can get a direct connect for
"signaling" (don't expect more than 23kbps this way). Personally I've
never heard of people getting this setup, but I guess alarm companies
know how to get it done... but maybe the telco has a way out if they
don't have any available pairs?

// George

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