[nycbug-talk] smbfs

Jonathan jonathan
Tue Jun 21 18:59:18 EDT 2005

Steve Rieger wrote:
> hi all
> inorder to mount smb shares do i need to install the full samba package 
> or not
> currently i do not and when i issues the mount_smbfs command i get
> kldload Operation not permettied
> this is on fbsd 5.4 stable

It appears that smbfs relies on a kernel module [1] which is not 
currently loaded and when you try to create the mount it tries to 
autoload the module.  It probably did not work because you did not run 
the command as root.  You can either run the mount command as root 
(which if you don't have vfs.usermount set you probably have to do 
anyway) or you can kldload the modules by hand and then run the command.

For more on vfs.usermount see 
(its not the exact same thing but still relevant in this case)

For more on kldload just do a `man kldload`


[1] Its probably either the 2nd or 3rd module listed, or maybe both
server% ls /boot/kernel | grep -i smb

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