[nycbug-talk] Re: MSNBC on the decline of technology jobs

Jed Davis jdev
Wed Jun 22 22:52:16 EDT 2005

In article <Pine.LNX.4.44.0506222151440.26269-100000 at bawx.pilosoft.com>,
 <alex at pilosoft.com> wrote:
> On Thu, 23 Jun 2005, Jed Davis wrote:
> > /*
> >  * This came up (in a much more complicated form)
> >  * on the GCC list recently:
> >  */
> > signed int x = INT_MAX;
> > unsigned int y = UINT_MAX;
> > ++x; ++y;
> > /* Now, what are the values of x and y? */
> If I remember correctly, both will be undefined. Actually, there's a
> chance that compiler will warn if the constant static variable assignment
> is used...

Unsigned types are defined to wrap, apparently:
and there's some discussion of "undefined" vs. "unspecified" there, too:

(let ((C call-with-current-continuation)) (apply (lambda (x y) (x y)) (map
((lambda (r) ((C C) (lambda (s) (r (lambda l (apply (s s) l))))))  (lambda
(f) (lambda (l) (if (null? l) C (lambda (k) (display (car l)) ((f (cdr l))
(C k)))))))    '((#\J #\d #\D #\v #\s) (#\e #\space #\a #\i #\newline)))))

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