[nycbug-talk] Re: MSNBC on the decline of technology jobs

max max
Thu Jun 23 10:15:36 EDT 2005

> > * Why should you have recursive dns server separate from authoritative dns 
> > server [cache growth/cache poisoning]
the only real reason i know of is to prevent denial of service attacks against an authoritative dns server by issueing false queries requiring recursion. Another reason would be access control - authoritative servers need to process queries from entire inet, ISP recursive name server *should* process queries from ISP's IP block
As far as declining tech jobs, well, its alot easier to outsource development than infrastructure design and maintanence from what I've seen. 
One fun idea I saw sometime ago was for government sector to rely less on commercial vendors and more on internal filtering/training/licensing of IT employees. You can see something similar to that in countries which start to adopt open source in gov infrastructure. Even though they hire companies to hack up linux to what they want it to be, the result is just that - software created by the sector for the sector. An example could be NSA linux distro, which was developed in-house with NSA grade (so the claim is) security features. Its alot easier to deal with code you wrote or rewrote than to take MS Windows and hope that internal audits plus vendor patch schedule will provide adequate security.
I might be wrong, my 2c..

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