[nycbug-talk] newbie: ports into a jail

George R. george
Thu Jun 23 12:26:39 EDT 2005

Dru wrote:
> On Thu, 23 Jun 2005, pete wright wrote:
>>> If you have a full os avalable in your jail then just install the
>>> ports tree and make your packages and be done with it.  You can always
>>> remove ports when you are done.
>> also, I would check out Dru's BSDHacks book.  There is a section in
>> there on installing a Port w/o a port tree which seems ideally suited
>> for a jail environment.  I think it's hack #82.
> Since that hack, I've discovered porteasy which I now prefer. I gave a 
> how-to on keeping a system up-to-date with minimal stuff installed at 
> meetBSD in Poland (sorry, didn't get into jails in this how-to). If 
> NYCBUG is interested in hosting the PDF, I can send it for inclusion in 
> the Library. Just tell me who to send the attachment to.

Sounds like another plug for the book. . . <g>

Use the submission form on the site, DL. . . it would be a great addition.

I myself have been playing with jails and ports alot recently, including 
portaudit, esp after this latest sudo vulnerability. . .  Porteasy will 
be delved into this afternoon. . .

There's a good number of other jail related stuff I've been thinking 
about/discussing with Ike, including some way to deal with striping down 
/dev in a methodical fashion. . . maybe even automated depending on 
pkgs/ports installed. . .


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