[nycbug-talk] Unkosher Mac file request

jh jhlists
Mon Jun 27 22:11:00 EDT 2005


I'm hoping that someone here takes pity on me :) or really, my friend 
with the basket case Mac.

I'm trying to get a friend's aging Mac (iMac w/ 10.3.7 on it) working... 
but I've hit a wall. His OS disks are scratched; his original hard drive 
crapped (recovered it via dd_rescue onto a spare IDE drive I had), his 
Installer is corrupt. End of the line...

Can anyone shoot me a copy of Installer that might work on this box? 
He's rather cash strapped at the moment, and this seems to be all that 
is sitting between him and a reconstituted Mac.

Offline response, please.



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