[nycbug-talk] [OT] FreeBSD 5.4 crashing?

Dan Casey dcasey
Thu Jun 30 21:56:26 EDT 2005

I had a bitch of a time with my FreeBSD 5.3 box. all types of random
stuff was happening.. Some programs would core dump randomly for no
reason. Rebooting the computer would actually lock it up instead of
shutting it down all the way.. Disabling hyperthreading fixed a few of
the problems Disable ACPI fixed everything else.

Matt Juszczak wrote:

>> Have you tried running http://www.memtest86.com ?
> Yep.
>> When you said it's SMP, is it Hyperthreaded?  I doubt it would be
>> causing the crashes, but you could try disabling that to see if it
>> helps.
> Hyperthreadig was one of the first things I tried :)
> Thanks for your response.  I'll get my dmesg posted when I get home.
> -Matt
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