[nycbug-talk] Seeking tape backup unit

Jerry B. Altzman jbaltz
Tue Mar 1 11:22:49 EST 2005

On 2/28/2005 10:08 PM, Jim Brown wrote:
>>How much do you need to put on a tape daily?  4GB? 10GB?  35GB?
> 10GB min

If 10GB is your MINIMUM daily backup, you should also look at 
throughput. 10GB can take a lo-o-o-o-ng time. Longer than you think.

For what it's worth, you can get a stack of 20GB IDE drives for cheaper 
than the cost of most tapes, get one of them-there outboard FireWire 
and/or USB2 boxes, and do a disk to disk backup.

> Jim B.

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