[nycbug-talk] AIM's new licence is dangerious

Bob Ippolito bob
Sat Mar 12 05:32:54 EST 2005

On Mar 12, 2005, at 1:26 AM, Marc Spitzer wrote:

> Here is the key bit, it says they effectivly have the right to
> copy/sell/use everything that goes through their aim software or
> servers:
> here is the full url:
> http://www.aim.com/tos/tos.adp

Well it also states:

The following terms and conditions apply to all users who either 
registered for AIM services or downloaded AIM updates or software on or 
after February 5, 2004. AIM users who do not register for AIM services 
or download AIM updates or software on or after February 5, 2004 and 
are members of the Netscape Network will remain bound by Netscape's 
terms and conditions. All other AIM users are bound by the aol.com 
terms and conditions.

So a different TOS might apply...

It's not cool either way, though.  Maybe it'll drum up some users for 
Jabber?  I'm certainly going to be using Jabber a lot more when Apple 
supports it in a few months.


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