[nycbug-talk] serial console help?

Dave Steinberg dave-dated-1111881703.0b398f
Sat Mar 19 19:01:41 EST 2005

Hey all, I was wondering if anyone might have had a similar experience
to mine sometime in the past:

I'm trying to connect a new console server to my OpenBSD box using the
supplied pinouts for the rj45-db9 adapter.  The funny thing is that when
I make the connection, I'm able to type characters into the console
server and see them on the screen (i.e. they're echo'd back, which
wouldn't happen if it was a totally bad cable), but I never get any
response from the OpenBSD machine.

I used a serial diagnostic devices with LEDs and contrasted the
output to a working null modem connection, and it told me that (if i'm
reading it right) the CD signal (carrier detect) isn't being raised with 
my adapter.  With the null modem, it seems to work.

I've also read on nullmodem.com something like "some devices require CD
(or DSR) to be raised before they send anything; if so, connect DSR and 
CD signals onto the DTR wire."  Trouble is I'm not sure how to do that 
with a modular rj45 adapter.

I've tried all the options for flow control, none seem to matter. 
Everything is set to 9600 8N1.

Any advice?  Thanks for your time!
Dave Steinberg

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