[nycbug-talk] Re: TinyBSD

Patrick Tracanelli eksffa
Thu Nov 17 11:38:22 EST 2005

samwun at telpacific.com.au wrote:
> Nice reference. Could you please tell me how to install TinyBSD on WRAP?

If you want to run a pre-existing TinyBSD image, download it from 
tinybsd.org and you only need to dd(1) it to you flash storage device. 
If you will build TinyBSD by yourself, just make sure the Geode 
processor options are uncommented on the kernel (they are already 
present in the kernel config file samples of TinyBSD) and also the 
callibration options, just like a Soekris box. pass your flash diskinfo 
information as parameters, like required by tinybsd.sh and dd(1) the 
final image to your flash.

> Do you think they handle order from Australia?

They won't by themselves. They wanted to charge me $25 USD plus the 
mailing costs so they could pay a "delivery service" to handle the board 
from the shop to the mailing office. It makes the board cost get close 
to the online price, so, no big deal. I asked a friend who was in Boston 
to buy it in person.

> Thanks
> Sam

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