[nycbug-talk] Another bild problem (Thunderbird 1.0.7)

Kevin Reiter tux
Tue Nov 29 16:13:20 EST 2005

George R. wrote:
> Okan Demirmen wrote:
>> can i ask a general question:
>> what is freebsd's recommended method of installing applications in the
>> ports tree? via source (ports/ infrastructure) or binary packages
>> (.tgz)?
> I have only seen OBSD's Theo say users should use binary packages, but I 
> always assumed that this applied to all projects.
> Ports are great for changing config and install options, pkgs are what 
> you're meant to use by default.
>  From that my attitude is use pkgs unless you have to use ports.  You'd 
> agree, Okan?

I typically use ports, since it compiles the code for whatever machine I happen to 
be running at the time, and can specify additional options that weren't used to 
build the packages.  I remember reading that in the handbook a few times, and 
coming from a Linux background where I always compiled source whenever I installed 
something (Slackware), it just seemed like the way to go.

I also remember reading a number of articles that I can't put my finger on atm 
that discussed the differences in using both, but I can't recall of ever hearing 
an actual "right way" to install apps (ports vs. packages).

Then again, I don't make any claims on my superior *BSD knowledge, so I could also 
be an ignorant n00b on this subject, too :)


It said "use Linux 2.4 kernel or better" so I installed FreeBSD.  Now everything 
runs better.  Why didn't they just tell me to do that to begin with?

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